Customer Projects

Welcome to our new Customer Project page. Shown here are examples of products purchased at Watling Reclamation in use. They are excellent examples of the potential of our items, and may also offer you some inspiration on your current or future projects!

We offer a 10% discount off of your next purchase for every project example that we can show here. So what are you waiting for? Send us your photos to today!

John Groome (1) 2 car timber garage, with superb reclaimed Slate roof! Read More
William Berner (3) Oak Table Top by William Berner Read More
Harold War Memorial (2) Harrold War Memorial Read More
Tom Graham 5 Garden Delights by Tom Graham Read More
Steve Smith 2 York Flagstone Paving by Steve Smith Read More
Buff York Flagstone Paving by Graham McNeillie 2 Buff York Flagstone Paving by Graham McNeillie Read More
Reclaimed York Paving by Roy Spencer (1) Reclaimed York Flagstone Paving by Roy Spencer Read More

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