Exterior Paving - Reclaimed York Flagstone Paving

We have a large range of York Flagstones available at any one time. Most of our flagstones have been calibrated to 50mm for ease of handling and laying. We offer grey and buff colours, Natural Riven, Sawn 6 Sides and Textured finishes and also rare Cathedral Flags.

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York Flagstone Grey/Buff Mix, Calibrated to 50mm
Now £80.00 per sq/yd
York Flagstone Blue/Grey, Calibrated to 50mm
£90.00 per sq.yd
York Flagstone Blue/Grey, up to 125mm, Heavy Duty
£75.00 per sq.yd
York Flagstone Buff, Calibrated to 50mm
£90.00 per sq.yd
York Flagstone Buff, Sawn 6 Sides, up to 75mm
£85.00 per sq.yd
York Flagstone, Cathedral Grade, Grey 50-75mm
£95.00 per sq.yd
York Flagstone Patio Blend, 40-90mm
£60.00 per sq.yd
York Stone Circle

York Stone Circle

9 Metre Diameter, Hand Cut, Reclaimed York Stone Paved Circle

York Stone Crazy Paving

York Stone Crazy Paving

Various shapes and sizes

was £40.00

Now £20.00 per sq.yd

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