Primavera Table and Chairs

Sense, Caribbean, Primavera and Blixum Chair

Product Code: NLF-0004; NLF-0005; NLF-0007; NLF-0008

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The Primavera table has a lava-coloured table with a ceramic top. This gives the table a natural look and feel. The table is easy to maintain and scratch resistant. It measures 210cm x 340cm x 160cm.

The table is available in Lava or White Aluminium Concrete Look Ceramic or Lava or White Aluminium Printed Glass. 

We recommend you match this table with the Sense, Caribbean, Primavera or Blixum Dinning Chairs to complete the set. 

The Sense chair comes in Lava or White Aluminium with Carbon or Mouse Grey All Weather Cushions. 

The Primavera chair comes in White Aluminium with Mouse Grey All Weather Cushions or Lava Aluminium with Carbon All Weather Cushions. 

The Caribbean chair comes in Lava or White Aluminium with Carbon, Mouse Grey or Khaki All Weather Cushions. 

The Blixum chair comes in Lava Aluminum with Carbon All Weather cushions or White Aluminium with Ivory Soltex Cushiosns. 

Table: £1,650.00 (exc VAT)

£1,980.00 (inc VAT)

Primavera: £135.00 (exc VAT)

£162.00 (inc VAT)

Sense: £155.00 (exc VAT)

£186.00 (inc VAT)

Caribbean: £165.00 (exc VAT)

£198.00 (inc VAT)

Blixum: £235.00 (exc VAT)

£282.00 (inc VAT)

Primavera Seta Cushion: £40.00 (exc VAT)

£48.00 (inc VAT)

UK wide next day delivery available

£1,485.00 the table (exc VAT) £1,782.00 (inc VAT)

10% OFF
was £1,650.00

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